Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

So, Santa has really treated me this Christmas. I must have been a hard little worker this year because there was my Ted Baker bag sat gracefully under the tree. That aside, I have unwrapped a few great books that I am very excited about digging into. 

Therefore, I will be flicking through them in the next few week and taking my hand at writing a few reviews on here. Hopefully, it will give you a feel of what to spend your granny's Christmas pennies on in the new year. 

Have a fantastic Christmas - I hope you eat all your mince pies, drink all your mulled wine and get happily fat (if there was ever such a thing). 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Monday, 24 December 2012


FACEBOOK is under fire after allegations it paid only £200,000 in UK corporation tax, despite earnings of up to £175m.

The social networking site is the latest business in the scandal after Google, Amazon and Starbucks were also exposed for tax avoidance.

Facebook achieved this by channelling a large portion of their sales through its Irish subsidiary.

The media giants also only paid £2.9m overseas revenue from its £800m profit in 2011.

Facebook’s vice president and managing director in Europe, Joanna Shields, defended the company’s actions:  “The reason those companies make those decisions is because of the investment environment and the tax environment.”

Facebook joins a recent group of businesses that have been uncovered for dodging UK corporation tax.

In 2010, eBay attempted to cut its £51m debt by paying only £1m tax on sales of £789m after diverting money through overseas companies.

Ikea paid only £8.1million of corporation tax from £1.2billion earnings in the year 2011.

In November, the Public Accounts Committee saw spokesmen from Amazon, Starbucks and Google grilled by MP’s over the alleged accusations.

Margaret Hodge MP, Chairman of the PAC, said: “We’re not accusing you of being illegal, we are accusing you of being immoral.”

Monday, 17 December 2012


The Road to Career Success

Recently, I graduated university with a 2.1 degree in BA Journalism. Since then, it has been a constant battle to try and get a job in the industry that excites me. I know that, nowadays, it isn't enough to just plod along to university and carry out your studies. Companies want real life experience in the sector that you are applying within and for you to show that you are devoted to the media industry outside of work. Well that’s what I do.  I have worked at three newspapers, a radio station and the student magazine, as well as, having my own blog and visiting the TV show ‘Question Time.’ Still, this doesn’t seem to be enough. Don’t get me wrong, I know an individual has to be suited to a specific company and I am always looking at new ways to improve my writing, experience and career. I am just waiting for that break, something it seems many students in several career areas are also waiting for. I do question at times whether university prepares you well enough after graduation. I finished in July studying the course that I adored, spending until 10 pm at night in the newsroom that has inspired me to become the tenacious, creative and persistent person that I am today.

Now, I am working in a factory that is run by an agency, making cardboard boxes and putting cake in trays. It is not what I want to do; however, I’ve decided to take a different approach to how I perceive it. If I want to succeed, I need to continue learning and developing skills that are vital to the journalism industry. Therefore, it is pivotal that I understand how my current job creates the opportunity for me to show how incredibly hard I work in a high-pressure environment. Leaving the house at 5 am and returning as late at 10 pm, shows my attitude towards a working life. Performing duties that require heavy lifting and – therefore – discomfort, highlights my persistence and eagerness to work through any hurdles that may occur. Working in a team that would fall apart if one person failed at their role on the machinery, shows how well we must communicate and cooperate with each other.

Therefore, I urge anyone who is still seeking a graduate job to search for the positives in what they are doing on a daily basis, as well as, to think about how it can improve their career path to their desired profession. In this modern day economy, jobs are few and far between. Therefore, I am determined to work harder than I ever have, to keep writing and to practice the trade that I am inspired by every day. When I get there, I know that any other obstacles can always be overcome with a large amount of eagerness and determination. 

Thursday, 6 December 2012


Lots of updates to come on here! Sorry that I have been absent, however, work is hectic with the Christmas period coming up. However, I promise to devote full attention to this blog from now on and my love of everything newsy!

Coming up, expect London spectacular 'Rock of Ages' review, why you should choose Costa coffee over Starbucks and I'll also look at whether universities are doing enough to set students up for the work place after graduation.

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Monday, 12 November 2012



Abu Qatada has won his legal battle against his extradition back to native Jordan.
The terror suspect is to stay in the UK after he won his appeal against being deported back to Jordan.
It was ruled by the court that Qatada wouldn't receive a fair trail in his native country.
The decision will come as a blow to the UK Government, costing almost nearly £1m in legal fees.
The Government said that it 'strongly disagreed' with the court's ruling on the terror suspect.
Qatada has been fighting deportation for seven years while being held in UK prisons.
Home Secretary Theresa May is expected to make a statement on the decision today. 

Sunday, 30 September 2012


Lavish London

Thinking of taking a trip to the big city? 

     By Lauren Vamplew 
THE hustle and bustle of London is strangely addictive. Never before have I felt so comfortable being in overcrowded shops and busy tourist areas. This is all because there’s something magical about the capital city. Flurries of tourists snap pictures of the Big Ben, as Tower Bridge sparkles in the dark and quaint boutiques keep customers flowing through the entrance until late. The great thing about this city is that there is no opportunity to get bored. Shopping, theatres, sight-seeing, bars and restaurants keep the vibrant city alive. Not to mention the newly regained British spirit echoing throughout the capital. The magic of the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has brought over international tourists in aim of discovering what London has to offer.

London’s sight-seeing attractions make the city feel animated and energetic. Buckingham palace is the perfect attraction for those who love picturesque scenery and charming architecture. Likewise, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey both have intricate decorative detailing that keep onlookers admiring the surroundings. If you prefer relaxing with a drink at the end of your day, there are some bars sitting at the side of the Thames which are perfect in the sunshine. The London Eye glows in the night sky, as Tower Bridge shines and the city gives off a vibrant radiance. By day, St James’s Park is full of businessmen taking in some fresh air on their dinner break, as well as families and children taking pictures in front of the water. With plenty of space, it is ideal if you want to sit down and eat some dinner after a long afternoon of shopping. So if you are like me and get caught up in the heart of the city, you will find sight-seeing a wonderful experience.
If you have never been to watch a show in London, then make sure Wicked is the first you tick off your checklist. The show is comical, with hilarious characters that spin the story of the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. You will feel a mixed bag of emotions - tears, joy and laughter - so make sure you take your tissues and prepare to sing along! If this hasn’t sold you, then Mamma Mia is a popular choice amongst theatre goers, as well as Shrek and Ghost. All you need is a few bags of sweets and it’s show time.

Being one of the leading fashion capitals of the world, London is great to satisfy those shopping urges. The stores are ten times bigger and there are many great outlets lining the streets. It hosts the usual favourites, however, the department stores are bigger and there are plenty designer boutiques if you are spoiling yourself. Forever 21 has recently been brought over by America, offering beautiful feminine clothing. If you head to Covent Garden, you will find located all the designer shops that make the area sparkle even more.

The great thing about Covent Garden is that by night it is a gorgeous place to round off your day. The downside is that it comes with a bit of a price tag. If you can overcome that then there are some great restaurants lining the pebbled streets, situated outdoors with waiters who keep filling up them cocktails. There are also many balcony bars that overlook the hustle and bustle, twinkling fairy lights and relaxing surroundings. Many entertainers perform in this area, so it’s nice to see the strange and crazy acts that London has to offer. Also, if you wander around properly, you may just be able to find the happy hour bars. Perfect.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

News and Politics

Relaxation of Planning Laws to Boost Economy

David Cameron has unveiled new plans to relax planning laws and kick-start the UK economy. 

The year-long strategy will ease the pressure put on home-owners and self-employed builders struggling to get extensions on their properties. 

Nationwide encourages the movement claiming that it will raise property values by a quarter and boost the construction industry. 

The banking company found that increasing floor space by 10%, will add 5% to the value of a property, while adding further space equivalent to the size of a double bedroom can add an estimated 12% to its selling price. 

Robert Gardner, Nationwide's Chief Economist, said: "With housing market demand still very weak, increasing numbers of homeowners may opt to improve rather than move. Our research assesses the factors that affect the value of homes and the potential to add value."

With the housing market still struggling to pick up, the Government is hoping that the changes will give the economy a push in the right direction. 

It is thought that the plan will also encourage homeowners to make improvements and stay in their properties for longer. 

Karl Vamplew, a self -builder from Barnsley, thinks that it will help pick up his business, he said: "At the minute everything is slow, so this can only be a good thing for the construction trade.

"Hopefully it will help the many builders who are feeling the same strain as I currently am and so I am glad that the Government has took this step forward."

Friday, 7 September 2012

Sorry I have been absent for a while. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the light of day for a while while I've been applying for graduate jobs. It is a job in itself. However, I remain positive and don't give up because if I do, then who am I to tell possible employers that I am persistent and tenacious.

So for all you graduates who feel the same as I do, those who are struggling to break into your industry - don't give up. I certainly am not going to. It may be hard and tearful, but feeling sorry for myself isn't going to get me a job.

Nothing good ever came easy, right?

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Laganas Review

Laganas (Zante) Review 

Zante is a fabulous little island situated in Greece. Perfect for all ages with it's vibrant night-life, turtle spotting and scorching hot weather. However, if your young and looking for somewhere with atmosphere, great food and lazy sun lounger days - then Laganas is the perfect holiday spot for you!


Now, depending what you want from the beach, it can be a mixed bag of experiences. If you wish for a chilled summer vibe with lots of tasty food then you are in luck. 'Cool Peppers' is the perfect beach bar - and the sun loungers are free. Or - if your like me - and you enjoy some cool house music (think Hed Kandi Beach House) then Cubanero's or Malibreeze is where you should head. Again, lovely food and great service! The beach in Laganas is nice - not the most brightest of seas - but still relaxing when your knocking back a cocktail. Just beware of the sea when you first approach, as it's slightly pebbly so you may require flip flops! Alcohol, sea and food - that should sort out that hangover from hell. 


Laganas night life is amazing. Probably one of the islands best assets. Now, I'm just going to reel off some fabulous places to have the time of your life! Pre-bars - Definitely start out at 'Central' and dance on the bar while getting a few free shots. It has a great mix of dance and chart music to help you stay on your toes all night long. 'Fishbowl' is a vibrant bar with great group drink deals for you and your friends - the name of the bar is pretty self-explanatory. It is a great place to chat and discuss last nights antics. 'Linekers' is a great day and evening bar alike - chill out with your mates in the front of the bar or dance away at the back. 'Rescue' is one of the main clubs on the resort. The UV party is extremely popular and pretty amazing! The only time in your life you will be happy about getting fluorescent green gunge chucked in your face. If you taking pictures then keep your camera safe from the slime at all costs and wear something you don't care about getting wrecked. 'Cocktails and Dreams,' 'Aussies,' and 'Cherry Bay,' are brilliant clubs to finish your night in. The latter has an outside area leading to the beach which is perfect to stroll onto at 5am and watch the sunrise. 


Laganas is full of scrummy restaurants competing to get you to fill their seats. There is a phenomenal amount of choice so explore. 'Bon Appetite' does beautiful food - get a starter, a main and two cocktails for 10 euro. Bargain! 'Bocca BBQ' is nice if you love meat dishes and 'Cool Peppers' situated on the scenic beach front has great food, sofas and service. 'Olympic Flame' does the best morning fry-ups for 2.60 euro and is a must! 


Now, if your one of them people who can fight off any hangover monster, then Zante is bursting with many scenic and beautiful locations. Turtle spotting is a must see as the island pride themselves on playing host to the creatures. Boat trips around the island are gorgeous. Lounge around, jump in the ocean and visit shipwreck island. The turquoise sea gleaming in the sunshine is enough to make you take a dive in. Finally, Zante town is perfect for those sight-seeing junkies, with gorgeous surroundings, layered in Greek history and art. Visit the docks, eat out or maybe catch a bit of shopping. 

Overall, Zante as a whole island is ideal for all ages - whether it be Laganas, Kalamaki, Tsvilli or Argassi. If you young, lively and fun the Laganas is home to vibrant holiday-goers looking to dance all night, meet new people, try lush food and get that killer bronzed tan. 

Monday, 9 July 2012

I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk Review

I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk


If you have read the entire series of 'I Heart's' you would probably been an emotional wreck before even reading the first page. Yes, this is Kelk's final part of her fabulously sparkling story of a 30 something woman who runs off to New York after catching her cheating fiancée in the back seat of her car doing the dirty at her best friends wedding. Main character Angela Clarke's adventure has, so far, took her to the Big Apple, Hollywood, Paris, Vegas and finally back to London. 

After saving her career and glittering life in New York by starting up her own magazine, the last book saw her accepting Alex's marriage proposal. Now it's her high maintenance mothers birthday meaning that she has to return back to blighty for the first time in two years. Things quickly - and naturally - begin to spiral out of control as her mother suggests they get married that weekend in their tiny back garden, with her ex-finance 'Mark' in the crowd and stirring up trouble. 

With the arrival of her American best friend Jenny treating the wedding as a military operation and causing friction between herself and Angela's British best mate, 'Louisa' - the ceremony soon turns into a dreaded nightmare. 

Prepare to get through a full box of tear-filled tissues by the end of the book. The words 'THE END' was the most traumatic feeling, 'WHAT WILL I READ NOW!'

That being said, the final book is hilarious and witty. You can completely relate to the main character who has way too many drunken injuries and gets herself in several awkward situations. Think Bridget Jones with a slightly more glossy edge. Comparing this book to the first, all the characters have grown and developed as the author has matured along with the story. Throughout the series you have had the glamour, the tears, laughter and empathy. 

I sincerely hope Kelk never stops writing books as her humour carries the novel well - not to mention her valuable knowledge of designer shoes and MAC products. 

I tweeted Lindsey Kelk to tell her how much I loved the series, she said: "Aww, there will be other books! 

"And maybe more I Heart's one day."

Lets hope so! 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Monday, 25 June 2012

Read Me, Go On!

I have lots of blog posts to follow in the next few days! 

I have been a busy bee watching the Olympic Flame travel through Barnsley - (which was especially fun, considering we had sun loungers set up at the side of the main road!) - not so fun that I wanted a flag to wave and I didn't get one - but putting that aside. I have also been to Blenheim Palace GE Triathlon, which was an extremely fun and exciting day - cheering on all the athletes that have been training for this event for months. Bleak waters, long distances, yet, great achievements. I am also going to do a review of the Greek island Zante - in particular Laganas - which may give you a taste of where to go this season. Boozy holidays and none stop dancing at the ready. I am currently reading the last in the series 'I Heart London' by Lindsay Kelk of which I plan to review. Also look out for lifestyle and culture reviews and - as always - lots more news and current affairs. Bed time for this kid, I get my University results tomorrow... going to be a long night...

Monday, 18 June 2012

50 Ways to Find a Lover by Lucy-Anne Holmes 


LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. Don't know how I came across this, but the synopsis was enough to have me clicking on Amazon. The main character - Sarah Sargent - is the kind of girl you probably want to be best friends with. Her witty persona, crazy friends and fit flatmate are an hilarious bunch that manage to get themselves in the most outrageous situations. Sarah's black shadow cast on her love life lands her in some serious trouble - yet thoroughly magnificent positions. 

Therefore, she decides to start a blog, broadcasting all the details of her slightly exaggerated yet unfortunate love life. Sargent begins to investigate different methods to find her perfect man - a way a day. From speed-dating to hanging at the pub with soggy crisps, warm pints and football hooligans; she meets some interesting characters. Even though ridiculously funny and crazy to read, she becomes obsessed with getting readership on her diary and so her romances begin to suffer. 

With a few blokes on the go and her unimaginably handsome room mate at the back of her mind, Sarah has extremely amusing and comical problems to solve - blog or a boyfriend? 

The book is well-written and the author is laugh-out-loud witty! With many twists and turns - it is a perfect summer read to lay by the crystal blue pool with this summer. 50 Ways to Find a Lover in one hand and cocktail in the other, its definitely a page-turner. 

Monday, 11 June 2012


EURO 2012 has arrived. Yes, it's that time of year where our streets are lined with England flags, the pubs crowded with beer-filled fans and our Facebook feeds dotted with constant match updates. Though, we would be lying if we said that we didn't love it. Yes, no matter how many times England's - and indeed the fans' - dreams are shattered, we keep going back for more.

Let's hope that manager Roy Hodgson dropping half of the England team pays off and that the new talent can shine through. Joe Hart is proving a valuable asset in British football, having just won the Premier League with club Manchester City. Playing extremely well tonight, he saved several strikes from the France's many attempts at England's net.

This is despite Joe Hart letting Samir Nasri's strike in the 39th minute slip through and so cancelling out Joleon Lescott's header nine minutes later. It appeared that towards the final minutes of the match, England were willing to settle for a draw with France. The latter team were dominant throughout the game and so both teams were probably happy with the final tie.

One thing is for sure, we need to up our game ahead of the next game with Sweden on Friday - hopefully this time we won't have a rather controversial referee! So in the meantime, while the country is in full patriotic swing, get everyone together, pull on your England shirt and enjoy a packed summer of sport - well, while it lasts...

Thursday, 7 June 2012

                                       Diamond Jubilee

WOW. What a fantastic weekend of celebrations for good old Queen Lizzy! I’m pretty sure that everyone was sat on the edge of their seats, watching the festivities unravel. Sadly, Prince Philip was taken ill for the majority of the celebrations, which really reflected in on the Queens strength and determination to prevail with event. I think at times it was evident that she was slightly emotional, but it was nice to see the crowd cheering the Duke of Edinburgh’s name. 
For all those who say, the Queen was pretty miserable and didn’t smile much, I think is an unfair statement. Imagine your Grandma sitting through loud music and cold weather. Plus, she is the Queen and, therefore, has to, very much, uphold her reputation of staying professional and for lack of a better word - proper. 
The great thing about the Royal’s is that they fight to serve their role and their duty. Maybe Prince Philip didn’t have to stand in the cold for four hours - being 91 years old - but he probably would do it all over again. The Queen said that she would never leave anything left unfinished and never quit. It’s important for all those who think that the Queen does nothing, to realise the significance of her role. Yes, she isn’t plastered all over the press. But she does many things to keep up relations with other countries, including visiting countries, the common wealth, poverty stricken nations and also has meetings with world leaders. Not to mention the hard work she did in the war. 
Sixty years is a fantastic milestone and she deserves a good old celebration! The concert was fabulous and the fireworks at the finish were outstanding. 
I for one had a cheeky glass of vino in celebration, and to me personally, I think Britain remembered who they were again.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Finished uni? Now what?

No longer drowning in dissertation notes or gallons of alcohol which ease the pain of having no life? No more ‘awkward moments in the library’statuses? No more dreaming of the day you reach the 10,000 word mark? We have craved this moment for so long that when it comes around; it smacks you in the face. What next?

Well the obvious answer is get a job- which is a lot harder than it appears. So while you get yourself accustom to the shock of having a life again – a slightly strange feeling – here are some things to keep you busy while you look for that dream career. You know the one you have always dreamt of and worked yourself to death for these past three years. 

Update your CV – Now you have a bit of spare time on your hands get applying for those graduate jobs. Obviously, you can’t do this without making your CV the best that an employer can receive – you can be Albert Einstein if you so wish! I read an article recently in a magazine with huge employers explaining their ideal candidates for a job role. Make sure you research, research and research the company you are applying for – it shows that you have invested time into getting this job. Start your CV off, initially, with something interesting or the work experience you have. Some employers may only read the first page so this is vital. Get your family, friends, dog, cat and fish to check for spelling mistakes – any incorrect words may see your CV being instantly discarded. Lastly, make sure you sound interesting, if you love anything from sky diving to Zumba then make sure you come over like an approachable, friendly and exciting person.

Re-vamp your room – With the end of an era, comes a fresh start. Put your energy into bagging up all those teddies and give them to charity. I know, I know, teddies are the worst! They stare at you, begging for you to leave them nicely on your bed – or maybe I’ve just watched Toy Story too many times. Get down to discount palace ‘B & M’ and find some nice city landscapes, crisp bed covers and squishy pillows. Now all you have to do is kick-back and relax in your new and improved haven.

Clear out your clothes – Don’t lie to yourself, your never going to wear that Topshop dress again – you know the one you haven’t wore for 2 years that reminds you of your last boyfriend. It’s sat there lonely at the back of your draw and would look much better on some less fortunate child in Africa. So get a black bin liner and throw in all them clothes you haven’t wore in 6 months because if you haven’t wore them since then, you never will again. After all, it’s all for a good cause and it will class as your good deed for the day. It also means you can buy more clothes to fill those empty spaces in the back of your wardrobe. Bonus!

Catch-up with friends – Get down to the local pub, crack open the rose and have a good natter. You probably haven’t seen each other in ages because of university commitments, so discuss the new Made in Chelsea episode, how you are DEFINITELY over your ex or plan for a massive group holiday. Happy days!

Visit your Grandparents – I can guarantee that you probably don’t do this enough – especially if you have been living away from home. However, you know that they are going to throw sweets and chocolate at you, and quite frankly, what’s a bigger incentive? Any excuse to break that summer body diet.

Make those big plans happen – Want to go travelling around Europe? Do it. Want to work abroad? Do it. Want to spend a year in Australia? Just do it. Now you are thinking about what you really want, make it happen. Once you are in a full-time career it will be much harder to make those plans occur, so get researching. Visit the travel agent, scan the Internet and get some magazines. If your big plan means you travelling alone, brave it. It is scary – I know – but it’s your dream and your life. You live once, so take every opportunity.

Leaving university means that you can literally take any path you like. Whether it is travelling the world, working for charity or being a high-flying businessman or woman; take every opportunity that approaches you. 

In the end, we just regret the chances that we didn't take.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Animal Cruelty

More of a rant, but here goes... someone tell me how it's fair to massacre elephants- or just animals in general. 

Twenty-two elephants where slaughtered in the North-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo this week.

Their ivory tusks make them a huge target for hunters in the area. 

Elephants and Rhinos are amongst endangered species dying out due to the rising number of killings. 

Tom Milliken, who manages TRAFFIC's Elephant Trade Information System, said since 2004, 'the trend has been escalating upwards again, dramatically so over the last three years.'

It is thought that organised crime groups are behind the massacres and not just regular poachers in the area. 

Meanwhile, in the UK, the RSPCA have seen a large increase in animal cruelty.

The numbers of those convicted of  these crimes have risen by almost a quarter this year.

The RSPCA- which looks after 120, 000 animals a year- is struggling to cope with the huge rise. 

The charity are currently receiving 160, 000 complaints of animal cruelty and neglect. 


This link to a Daily Mail article on elephant poaching shows the brutal images of the murders. 

I honestly cannot bring myself to post them individually, as I cannot look at them again. 

Animal cruelty has to stop.

These type of incidents are unimaginable and - in some cases - barbaric. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

British Pubs

Just where are all our British pubs disappearing to?
You can't walk past a single pub nowadays without the sad look of boarded up windows and closed doors. Those closed doors that were once open, open to adorable couples, bustling families and giggling children. The roundabouts in the playground blowing eerily in the wind- haunted with the memories of a once animated playground.

Children begging their parents for 10p calypso pop cartons and 30p packets of crisps. Families arriving early on a weekend just to get a seat in lounge or communal room.

Of course, nowadays, crisps can cost up to 80p and cartons of pop may reach £1.
Kids don't want to play in the fresh air- they want video games.
Families can't afford to pay their mortgage- never mind a few pints.

And all this comes down to the recession. The economic climate that we have tried so hard to fight. The public and small businesses are paying the price for this banking crisis and for what? So bankers can pay themselves- still- nice little bonuses in their back pocket?

It is sad so see and there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe, those days are over. Those days the upcoming generation will never know of. There is nothing worse than seeing a unique little British pub- once thriving with life and excitement- crumble slowly. Years of success lost. Peoples lives in ruins, who have worked so hard to build a business that aims to bring the community together. Maybe that's what we need again.

I can remember being about 4 years old at a local pub in Barnsley named the 'Oliver Twist.' The pub thrived daily with families and couples- that's when people could afford to pay for a nice day out. My brother was pushing me on the roundabout and me and my best friend were holding on for dear life. I had a headband in, as well as a chequered dress. It was my friends birthday party. Many kids and families turned up to the celebrations and I can genuinely remember the feeling of being young and excited- like I had no care in the world. I will treasure that specific memory as I had great fun with my family and friends because of that treasured British pub.

Needless to say, the pub has now closed down. Suffering in the recession- the pub which is older than I am- will now become a car park or maybe some flats. We all know how much the council love finding new land for housing. So I guess there is nothing else left to say other than make Britain British again! We need to find our heritage and all those small things that make us unique. That make us special. Of course we can't do this until we fight the recession, but while that day comes- as Churchill once said- we will fight!

Fight negativity with positivity and keep the dream alive.

Monday, 12 March 2012


Just came across this on Facebook and from the reaction it got off many people, I agree in thinking this is appalling. It is about time we took care of British people as a first priority!

Monday, 6 February 2012

"A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure."  

Dissertation Hell!

See this more as a mini-rant than a blog post, because quite frankly, I need to vent some frustration. Now I could just start screaming (but my room mates wouldn't be happy), maybe cry (then I wouldn't be happy) or drink bleach (which, honestly, makes me sounds like a psycho!).

Eventually, I came to the conclusion, that none of them would write my dissertation for me- disappointingly.

As a result of this, I decided to man the hell up!
Three years of hard work, two months to go and I would be an idiot to give in now.
Fingers crossed, eyy!

" Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't dothan by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. " ~ Mark Twain

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Birdsong (BBC)

Where do I start... I absolutely loved this 2 part TV series. Birdsong really pulled at my heart strings and is influential in provoking thought about the value of life's attributes. Set in World War I, the show studies the life of a soldier- actor Eddie Redmayne-who is battling for Britain in the trenches. Flash backs to his previous life before the war show his moving story. Redmayne- a British man living in France- falls in love with a married woman who's husband is abusive towards her, which sparks an affair. After running away together, he then learns of the beginning of World War I. Within the scenes of battle, it's quite clear that there is a deep sense of story behind his eyes. The actors use more facial expressions to communicate their pain and conflict, rather than dialogue. Personally, I cried almost all the way through, as it showed the true suffering of our British soldiers in the war. Whether it was the conditions that they were living in, the fear of dying or the deaths; it really shows the reality of our soldiers lives. It also communicates the importance of family and love, 'There's nothing more sir, than to love and be loved.'

I would definitely recommend this show. The acting is brilliant, the story is well crafted and oh.. Redmayne is beautiful! That's all!

Off to go buy the book!- you should too!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I Heart Vegas by Lindsay Kelk

Fresh, sweet and hilarious- just like the rest of Lindsay Kelk's I Heart series,Vegas definitely doesn't disappoint.

I Heart Vegas, is a fresh mix-up of Sex and the City and Friends, with a clumsy lead character we all love and admire.

I love reviewing Lindsay Kelk's books, because quite honestly I want to be Angela, in each and every one of them. Or Jenny, I really wouldn't mind being pretty and witty at the same time.

It's Christmas time when Angela is informed that she has lost her job at the women's magazine she writes for. After realising that she is about to get deported back to the United Kingdom- and her crazy mum- if she doesn't find a new one, she begins to panic. If only she could marry Alex, right? But, both being happily settled in their current lives, she fears that he would say no.

Meanwhile, Jenny is arranging a last minute, crazy trip to Vegas, assuring Angela that her visa will work out fine. Obviously, a Lindsay Kelk book wouldn't be the same without colourful lights, cat fights and cocktails- which is exactly what Vegas can guarantee you. Jenny has her own agenda that she's keeping from Angela for being there, but who will take a trip to the chapel? Jenny or Angela?

The book starts off with a more serious tone than the others in the series, eventually lightening up as you delve deeper into it. But this is not to take away from the hilarious situations that they find themselves in- falling in Vegas fountains and fighting sky-high in a helicopter.

I Heart Vegas, has a lot more heart than the other books, as you actually feel for the lead character. She doesn't want to lose her glossy life in New York, leave the love of her life or her crazy best friends. The book ends perfectly, but you'll have to read it for yourself- and let's face it, you will be happy you did!