Thursday, 7 June 2012

                                       Diamond Jubilee

WOW. What a fantastic weekend of celebrations for good old Queen Lizzy! I’m pretty sure that everyone was sat on the edge of their seats, watching the festivities unravel. Sadly, Prince Philip was taken ill for the majority of the celebrations, which really reflected in on the Queens strength and determination to prevail with event. I think at times it was evident that she was slightly emotional, but it was nice to see the crowd cheering the Duke of Edinburgh’s name. 
For all those who say, the Queen was pretty miserable and didn’t smile much, I think is an unfair statement. Imagine your Grandma sitting through loud music and cold weather. Plus, she is the Queen and, therefore, has to, very much, uphold her reputation of staying professional and for lack of a better word - proper. 
The great thing about the Royal’s is that they fight to serve their role and their duty. Maybe Prince Philip didn’t have to stand in the cold for four hours - being 91 years old - but he probably would do it all over again. The Queen said that she would never leave anything left unfinished and never quit. It’s important for all those who think that the Queen does nothing, to realise the significance of her role. Yes, she isn’t plastered all over the press. But she does many things to keep up relations with other countries, including visiting countries, the common wealth, poverty stricken nations and also has meetings with world leaders. Not to mention the hard work she did in the war. 
Sixty years is a fantastic milestone and she deserves a good old celebration! The concert was fabulous and the fireworks at the finish were outstanding. 
I for one had a cheeky glass of vino in celebration, and to me personally, I think Britain remembered who they were again.

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