Monday, 17 December 2012


The Road to Career Success

Recently, I graduated university with a 2.1 degree in BA Journalism. Since then, it has been a constant battle to try and get a job in the industry that excites me. I know that, nowadays, it isn't enough to just plod along to university and carry out your studies. Companies want real life experience in the sector that you are applying within and for you to show that you are devoted to the media industry outside of work. Well that’s what I do.  I have worked at three newspapers, a radio station and the student magazine, as well as, having my own blog and visiting the TV show ‘Question Time.’ Still, this doesn’t seem to be enough. Don’t get me wrong, I know an individual has to be suited to a specific company and I am always looking at new ways to improve my writing, experience and career. I am just waiting for that break, something it seems many students in several career areas are also waiting for. I do question at times whether university prepares you well enough after graduation. I finished in July studying the course that I adored, spending until 10 pm at night in the newsroom that has inspired me to become the tenacious, creative and persistent person that I am today.

Now, I am working in a factory that is run by an agency, making cardboard boxes and putting cake in trays. It is not what I want to do; however, I’ve decided to take a different approach to how I perceive it. If I want to succeed, I need to continue learning and developing skills that are vital to the journalism industry. Therefore, it is pivotal that I understand how my current job creates the opportunity for me to show how incredibly hard I work in a high-pressure environment. Leaving the house at 5 am and returning as late at 10 pm, shows my attitude towards a working life. Performing duties that require heavy lifting and – therefore – discomfort, highlights my persistence and eagerness to work through any hurdles that may occur. Working in a team that would fall apart if one person failed at their role on the machinery, shows how well we must communicate and cooperate with each other.

Therefore, I urge anyone who is still seeking a graduate job to search for the positives in what they are doing on a daily basis, as well as, to think about how it can improve their career path to their desired profession. In this modern day economy, jobs are few and far between. Therefore, I am determined to work harder than I ever have, to keep writing and to practice the trade that I am inspired by every day. When I get there, I know that any other obstacles can always be overcome with a large amount of eagerness and determination. 

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