Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Monday, 25 June 2012

Read Me, Go On!

I have lots of blog posts to follow in the next few days! 

I have been a busy bee watching the Olympic Flame travel through Barnsley - (which was especially fun, considering we had sun loungers set up at the side of the main road!) - not so fun that I wanted a flag to wave and I didn't get one - but putting that aside. I have also been to Blenheim Palace GE Triathlon, which was an extremely fun and exciting day - cheering on all the athletes that have been training for this event for months. Bleak waters, long distances, yet, great achievements. I am also going to do a review of the Greek island Zante - in particular Laganas - which may give you a taste of where to go this season. Boozy holidays and none stop dancing at the ready. I am currently reading the last in the series 'I Heart London' by Lindsay Kelk of which I plan to review. Also look out for lifestyle and culture reviews and - as always - lots more news and current affairs. Bed time for this kid, I get my University results tomorrow... going to be a long night...

Monday, 18 June 2012

50 Ways to Find a Lover by Lucy-Anne Holmes 


LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. Don't know how I came across this, but the synopsis was enough to have me clicking on Amazon. The main character - Sarah Sargent - is the kind of girl you probably want to be best friends with. Her witty persona, crazy friends and fit flatmate are an hilarious bunch that manage to get themselves in the most outrageous situations. Sarah's black shadow cast on her love life lands her in some serious trouble - yet thoroughly magnificent positions. 

Therefore, she decides to start a blog, broadcasting all the details of her slightly exaggerated yet unfortunate love life. Sargent begins to investigate different methods to find her perfect man - a way a day. From speed-dating to hanging at the pub with soggy crisps, warm pints and football hooligans; she meets some interesting characters. Even though ridiculously funny and crazy to read, she becomes obsessed with getting readership on her diary and so her romances begin to suffer. 

With a few blokes on the go and her unimaginably handsome room mate at the back of her mind, Sarah has extremely amusing and comical problems to solve - blog or a boyfriend? 

The book is well-written and the author is laugh-out-loud witty! With many twists and turns - it is a perfect summer read to lay by the crystal blue pool with this summer. 50 Ways to Find a Lover in one hand and cocktail in the other, its definitely a page-turner. 

Monday, 11 June 2012


EURO 2012 has arrived. Yes, it's that time of year where our streets are lined with England flags, the pubs crowded with beer-filled fans and our Facebook feeds dotted with constant match updates. Though, we would be lying if we said that we didn't love it. Yes, no matter how many times England's - and indeed the fans' - dreams are shattered, we keep going back for more.

Let's hope that manager Roy Hodgson dropping half of the England team pays off and that the new talent can shine through. Joe Hart is proving a valuable asset in British football, having just won the Premier League with club Manchester City. Playing extremely well tonight, he saved several strikes from the France's many attempts at England's net.

This is despite Joe Hart letting Samir Nasri's strike in the 39th minute slip through and so cancelling out Joleon Lescott's header nine minutes later. It appeared that towards the final minutes of the match, England were willing to settle for a draw with France. The latter team were dominant throughout the game and so both teams were probably happy with the final tie.

One thing is for sure, we need to up our game ahead of the next game with Sweden on Friday - hopefully this time we won't have a rather controversial referee! So in the meantime, while the country is in full patriotic swing, get everyone together, pull on your England shirt and enjoy a packed summer of sport - well, while it lasts...

Thursday, 7 June 2012

                                       Diamond Jubilee

WOW. What a fantastic weekend of celebrations for good old Queen Lizzy! I’m pretty sure that everyone was sat on the edge of their seats, watching the festivities unravel. Sadly, Prince Philip was taken ill for the majority of the celebrations, which really reflected in on the Queens strength and determination to prevail with event. I think at times it was evident that she was slightly emotional, but it was nice to see the crowd cheering the Duke of Edinburgh’s name. 
For all those who say, the Queen was pretty miserable and didn’t smile much, I think is an unfair statement. Imagine your Grandma sitting through loud music and cold weather. Plus, she is the Queen and, therefore, has to, very much, uphold her reputation of staying professional and for lack of a better word - proper. 
The great thing about the Royal’s is that they fight to serve their role and their duty. Maybe Prince Philip didn’t have to stand in the cold for four hours - being 91 years old - but he probably would do it all over again. The Queen said that she would never leave anything left unfinished and never quit. It’s important for all those who think that the Queen does nothing, to realise the significance of her role. Yes, she isn’t plastered all over the press. But she does many things to keep up relations with other countries, including visiting countries, the common wealth, poverty stricken nations and also has meetings with world leaders. Not to mention the hard work she did in the war. 
Sixty years is a fantastic milestone and she deserves a good old celebration! The concert was fabulous and the fireworks at the finish were outstanding. 
I for one had a cheeky glass of vino in celebration, and to me personally, I think Britain remembered who they were again.