Monday, 9 July 2012

I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk Review

I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk


If you have read the entire series of 'I Heart's' you would probably been an emotional wreck before even reading the first page. Yes, this is Kelk's final part of her fabulously sparkling story of a 30 something woman who runs off to New York after catching her cheating fiancée in the back seat of her car doing the dirty at her best friends wedding. Main character Angela Clarke's adventure has, so far, took her to the Big Apple, Hollywood, Paris, Vegas and finally back to London. 

After saving her career and glittering life in New York by starting up her own magazine, the last book saw her accepting Alex's marriage proposal. Now it's her high maintenance mothers birthday meaning that she has to return back to blighty for the first time in two years. Things quickly - and naturally - begin to spiral out of control as her mother suggests they get married that weekend in their tiny back garden, with her ex-finance 'Mark' in the crowd and stirring up trouble. 

With the arrival of her American best friend Jenny treating the wedding as a military operation and causing friction between herself and Angela's British best mate, 'Louisa' - the ceremony soon turns into a dreaded nightmare. 

Prepare to get through a full box of tear-filled tissues by the end of the book. The words 'THE END' was the most traumatic feeling, 'WHAT WILL I READ NOW!'

That being said, the final book is hilarious and witty. You can completely relate to the main character who has way too many drunken injuries and gets herself in several awkward situations. Think Bridget Jones with a slightly more glossy edge. Comparing this book to the first, all the characters have grown and developed as the author has matured along with the story. Throughout the series you have had the glamour, the tears, laughter and empathy. 

I sincerely hope Kelk never stops writing books as her humour carries the novel well - not to mention her valuable knowledge of designer shoes and MAC products. 

I tweeted Lindsey Kelk to tell her how much I loved the series, she said: "Aww, there will be other books! 

"And maybe more I Heart's one day."

Lets hope so! 

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