Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I Heart Vegas by Lindsay Kelk

Fresh, sweet and hilarious- just like the rest of Lindsay Kelk's I Heart series,Vegas definitely doesn't disappoint.

I Heart Vegas, is a fresh mix-up of Sex and the City and Friends, with a clumsy lead character we all love and admire.

I love reviewing Lindsay Kelk's books, because quite honestly I want to be Angela, in each and every one of them. Or Jenny, I really wouldn't mind being pretty and witty at the same time.

It's Christmas time when Angela is informed that she has lost her job at the women's magazine she writes for. After realising that she is about to get deported back to the United Kingdom- and her crazy mum- if she doesn't find a new one, she begins to panic. If only she could marry Alex, right? But, both being happily settled in their current lives, she fears that he would say no.

Meanwhile, Jenny is arranging a last minute, crazy trip to Vegas, assuring Angela that her visa will work out fine. Obviously, a Lindsay Kelk book wouldn't be the same without colourful lights, cat fights and cocktails- which is exactly what Vegas can guarantee you. Jenny has her own agenda that she's keeping from Angela for being there, but who will take a trip to the chapel? Jenny or Angela?

The book starts off with a more serious tone than the others in the series, eventually lightening up as you delve deeper into it. But this is not to take away from the hilarious situations that they find themselves in- falling in Vegas fountains and fighting sky-high in a helicopter.

I Heart Vegas, has a lot more heart than the other books, as you actually feel for the lead character. She doesn't want to lose her glossy life in New York, leave the love of her life or her crazy best friends. The book ends perfectly, but you'll have to read it for yourself- and let's face it, you will be happy you did!

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