Sunday, 10 March 2013


There's nothing more inspirational to spur creativity than powdery yellow sunshine streaming through the windows. Sunlight has a positive effect on me. Masks all that is unattractive and illuminates the surroundings into something beautiful. Armed with my notebook, I feel like I have plenty of space to think today and to write. Windows open, the silence is calming with just the hint of a quiet hum swirling through the air. The March breeze still nips at your fingers, and the bare tree branches dance in the wind. The sunlight flickers the shadows of these onto my crisp white walls.

Sometimes, we forget the power of silence. Not sad silence. The silence that leaves you feeling calm and content. Content that you could just shut the door on the world for a few hours. The mad hustle and bustle of life makes you really appreciate these pure moments. Allows you to take a wider perspective of everything. The soft blue sky contrasting against the brick houses, lime-green grass wisps around the air as the water sparkles - blinded by the sun. 

The point of this is that the smallest things can make you happy. Content. Sometimes life seems to whip by so fast, you feel under pressure to keep up with the pace. Be the best. Get a head start. And while I want all of those things, sometimes taking a few moments to establish peace and quiet to clear your head is all you need. Creates room for inspiration, meaning and happiness. Which - in effect - can help you get to right where you want to be. 

So from now on I'm making it my ambition to read books, write, get outside, see the world and make sure one thing inspires me each and everyday.