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Laganas Review

Laganas (Zante) Review 

Zante is a fabulous little island situated in Greece. Perfect for all ages with it's vibrant night-life, turtle spotting and scorching hot weather. However, if your young and looking for somewhere with atmosphere, great food and lazy sun lounger days - then Laganas is the perfect holiday spot for you!


Now, depending what you want from the beach, it can be a mixed bag of experiences. If you wish for a chilled summer vibe with lots of tasty food then you are in luck. 'Cool Peppers' is the perfect beach bar - and the sun loungers are free. Or - if your like me - and you enjoy some cool house music (think Hed Kandi Beach House) then Cubanero's or Malibreeze is where you should head. Again, lovely food and great service! The beach in Laganas is nice - not the most brightest of seas - but still relaxing when your knocking back a cocktail. Just beware of the sea when you first approach, as it's slightly pebbly so you may require flip flops! Alcohol, sea and food - that should sort out that hangover from hell. 


Laganas night life is amazing. Probably one of the islands best assets. Now, I'm just going to reel off some fabulous places to have the time of your life! Pre-bars - Definitely start out at 'Central' and dance on the bar while getting a few free shots. It has a great mix of dance and chart music to help you stay on your toes all night long. 'Fishbowl' is a vibrant bar with great group drink deals for you and your friends - the name of the bar is pretty self-explanatory. It is a great place to chat and discuss last nights antics. 'Linekers' is a great day and evening bar alike - chill out with your mates in the front of the bar or dance away at the back. 'Rescue' is one of the main clubs on the resort. The UV party is extremely popular and pretty amazing! The only time in your life you will be happy about getting fluorescent green gunge chucked in your face. If you taking pictures then keep your camera safe from the slime at all costs and wear something you don't care about getting wrecked. 'Cocktails and Dreams,' 'Aussies,' and 'Cherry Bay,' are brilliant clubs to finish your night in. The latter has an outside area leading to the beach which is perfect to stroll onto at 5am and watch the sunrise. 


Laganas is full of scrummy restaurants competing to get you to fill their seats. There is a phenomenal amount of choice so explore. 'Bon Appetite' does beautiful food - get a starter, a main and two cocktails for 10 euro. Bargain! 'Bocca BBQ' is nice if you love meat dishes and 'Cool Peppers' situated on the scenic beach front has great food, sofas and service. 'Olympic Flame' does the best morning fry-ups for 2.60 euro and is a must! 


Now, if your one of them people who can fight off any hangover monster, then Zante is bursting with many scenic and beautiful locations. Turtle spotting is a must see as the island pride themselves on playing host to the creatures. Boat trips around the island are gorgeous. Lounge around, jump in the ocean and visit shipwreck island. The turquoise sea gleaming in the sunshine is enough to make you take a dive in. Finally, Zante town is perfect for those sight-seeing junkies, with gorgeous surroundings, layered in Greek history and art. Visit the docks, eat out or maybe catch a bit of shopping. 

Overall, Zante as a whole island is ideal for all ages - whether it be Laganas, Kalamaki, Tsvilli or Argassi. If you young, lively and fun the Laganas is home to vibrant holiday-goers looking to dance all night, meet new people, try lush food and get that killer bronzed tan. 

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