Sunday, 30 September 2012


Lavish London

Thinking of taking a trip to the big city? 

     By Lauren Vamplew 
THE hustle and bustle of London is strangely addictive. Never before have I felt so comfortable being in overcrowded shops and busy tourist areas. This is all because there’s something magical about the capital city. Flurries of tourists snap pictures of the Big Ben, as Tower Bridge sparkles in the dark and quaint boutiques keep customers flowing through the entrance until late. The great thing about this city is that there is no opportunity to get bored. Shopping, theatres, sight-seeing, bars and restaurants keep the vibrant city alive. Not to mention the newly regained British spirit echoing throughout the capital. The magic of the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has brought over international tourists in aim of discovering what London has to offer.

London’s sight-seeing attractions make the city feel animated and energetic. Buckingham palace is the perfect attraction for those who love picturesque scenery and charming architecture. Likewise, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey both have intricate decorative detailing that keep onlookers admiring the surroundings. If you prefer relaxing with a drink at the end of your day, there are some bars sitting at the side of the Thames which are perfect in the sunshine. The London Eye glows in the night sky, as Tower Bridge shines and the city gives off a vibrant radiance. By day, St James’s Park is full of businessmen taking in some fresh air on their dinner break, as well as families and children taking pictures in front of the water. With plenty of space, it is ideal if you want to sit down and eat some dinner after a long afternoon of shopping. So if you are like me and get caught up in the heart of the city, you will find sight-seeing a wonderful experience.
If you have never been to watch a show in London, then make sure Wicked is the first you tick off your checklist. The show is comical, with hilarious characters that spin the story of the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. You will feel a mixed bag of emotions - tears, joy and laughter - so make sure you take your tissues and prepare to sing along! If this hasn’t sold you, then Mamma Mia is a popular choice amongst theatre goers, as well as Shrek and Ghost. All you need is a few bags of sweets and it’s show time.

Being one of the leading fashion capitals of the world, London is great to satisfy those shopping urges. The stores are ten times bigger and there are many great outlets lining the streets. It hosts the usual favourites, however, the department stores are bigger and there are plenty designer boutiques if you are spoiling yourself. Forever 21 has recently been brought over by America, offering beautiful feminine clothing. If you head to Covent Garden, you will find located all the designer shops that make the area sparkle even more.

The great thing about Covent Garden is that by night it is a gorgeous place to round off your day. The downside is that it comes with a bit of a price tag. If you can overcome that then there are some great restaurants lining the pebbled streets, situated outdoors with waiters who keep filling up them cocktails. There are also many balcony bars that overlook the hustle and bustle, twinkling fairy lights and relaxing surroundings. Many entertainers perform in this area, so it’s nice to see the strange and crazy acts that London has to offer. Also, if you wander around properly, you may just be able to find the happy hour bars. Perfect.

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