Monday, 25 July 2011

What's your biggest dream? Think about it. Now think, do dreams come true?
Because I've come to realise that the only person who make make them a reality is yourself.
You don't get anything handed to you on a plate nowadays, you have to strive to make it happen.
I want to be a journalist living in New York City. If that doesn't seem unlikely enough to you, I also want to be a writer.
Reading chick-lit novels (one a week to be precise-yes I have an addiction) has really inspired me to grab my dreams. Problem is, I need that life experience, I need to travel, I need to discover new possibilities. Until then I don't feel that writing a book is worth it. As I want to make it amazing. Amazing for young women to read and think "Yes, I can do that too."
Now, yes I am only 20 years old, which may seem a bit young to be getting this deep with you. But I've grew up in a world where I've realised dreams can come true around you.
I see pain, suffering and tragedy too, I write about it in my journalism work; it has made me realise that life is too short to dream of what you want and never feel your someone who can grab it.
I want to make the most of what I have and can achieve while I'm here.
So, that been said I WANT to make my life amazing. Be a Journalist specialising in politics, live in New York, write books that inspire, be healthy and look after my lovely family! (Mam, Dad and Adam-Yorkshire slang there- I owe everything to you I love you)
So keep your head high, because your life is a glowing empty page, you can fill up how you like!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

I am currently reading two books, that to be quite honest are amazing for the price. Now, I love a good chick-lit novel and these are perfect for summer sunbathing by the pool. So get your cosmopolitan, sit back from the pool  action and relax.

The first one is 'A Girl Like You'. I haven't finished the book yet but I will review it as soon as I am done. Books with a witty humour keep me hooked like chocolate hobnobs. (Definitely hungry). Anyway, I like to think I can relate to the characters and their charm. Now I am by no means saying I am a charismatic person, but if you ever sit and think in your head your funny; this is for you. 

I also have an addiction to any novel published about New York. I would LOVE to go there and get some inspiration for writing. Ultimately, I hope to stop staring into the depths of my NY skyline posters and actually fly there one day. 'I Heart New York' by Lindsey Kelk is an amazing book! I will review it in my next post for anyone interested. She is absolutely my favourite author who has created a story line, similar to the likes of my dreams. Running away to New York, getting a top job as a journalist and experiencing Manhattan drama.

Lastly, I've also just downloaded Kindle for my PC (as I refuse to move with the times and buy one-I love paper copies!). Lindsey Kelk's new short story, 'Jenny Lopez has a Bad Week' kept me awake until 3am desperately flicking through the papers to discover the ending. So ladies I highly recommend you check her out.

Reviews to follow!