Tuesday, 20 March 2012

British Pubs

Just where are all our British pubs disappearing to?
You can't walk past a single pub nowadays without the sad look of boarded up windows and closed doors. Those closed doors that were once open, open to adorable couples, bustling families and giggling children. The roundabouts in the playground blowing eerily in the wind- haunted with the memories of a once animated playground.

Children begging their parents for 10p calypso pop cartons and 30p packets of crisps. Families arriving early on a weekend just to get a seat in lounge or communal room.

Of course, nowadays, crisps can cost up to 80p and cartons of pop may reach £1.
Kids don't want to play in the fresh air- they want video games.
Families can't afford to pay their mortgage- never mind a few pints.

And all this comes down to the recession. The economic climate that we have tried so hard to fight. The public and small businesses are paying the price for this banking crisis and for what? So bankers can pay themselves- still- nice little bonuses in their back pocket?

It is sad so see and there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe, those days are over. Those days the upcoming generation will never know of. There is nothing worse than seeing a unique little British pub- once thriving with life and excitement- crumble slowly. Years of success lost. Peoples lives in ruins, who have worked so hard to build a business that aims to bring the community together. Maybe that's what we need again.

I can remember being about 4 years old at a local pub in Barnsley named the 'Oliver Twist.' The pub thrived daily with families and couples- that's when people could afford to pay for a nice day out. My brother was pushing me on the roundabout and me and my best friend were holding on for dear life. I had a headband in, as well as a chequered dress. It was my friends birthday party. Many kids and families turned up to the celebrations and I can genuinely remember the feeling of being young and excited- like I had no care in the world. I will treasure that specific memory as I had great fun with my family and friends because of that treasured British pub.

Needless to say, the pub has now closed down. Suffering in the recession- the pub which is older than I am- will now become a car park or maybe some flats. We all know how much the council love finding new land for housing. So I guess there is nothing else left to say other than make Britain British again! We need to find our heritage and all those small things that make us unique. That make us special. Of course we can't do this until we fight the recession, but while that day comes- as Churchill once said- we will fight!

Fight negativity with positivity and keep the dream alive.

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