Tuesday, 1 October 2013


I have been incognito for a while and it would seem that I'd fallen off the face of the planet. This was not my intention but I blame a variety of factors including London, work and Haribo. London because I have recently relocated from good old Yorkshire to down sarffff. Work because there has been many many late nights and Haribo because I have had to hit the gym everyday to work them fizzy cherries off my bingo wings. 

From now on I promise that I will be a news-savvy journo informing you of all your newsy needs. There will be lots of reviews from books to festivals to London shenanigans! Lots of politics and current affairs because of my politically minded noggin. Lots of lifestyle features to keep you occupied while you munch on your Hobnobs on your coffee break!

What to expect this week: 
'David Cameron doesn't know the price of Hovis! Say Whaaattt'
'NEVER use the loos at Creamfields #Boglife'
London Fever - what to do in London
Podcasts in front of the Big Ben with my ugly mug slapped in front


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