Monday, 25 July 2011

What's your biggest dream? Think about it. Now think, do dreams come true?
Because I've come to realise that the only person who make make them a reality is yourself.
You don't get anything handed to you on a plate nowadays, you have to strive to make it happen.
I want to be a journalist living in New York City. If that doesn't seem unlikely enough to you, I also want to be a writer.
Reading chick-lit novels (one a week to be precise-yes I have an addiction) has really inspired me to grab my dreams. Problem is, I need that life experience, I need to travel, I need to discover new possibilities. Until then I don't feel that writing a book is worth it. As I want to make it amazing. Amazing for young women to read and think "Yes, I can do that too."
Now, yes I am only 20 years old, which may seem a bit young to be getting this deep with you. But I've grew up in a world where I've realised dreams can come true around you.
I see pain, suffering and tragedy too, I write about it in my journalism work; it has made me realise that life is too short to dream of what you want and never feel your someone who can grab it.
I want to make the most of what I have and can achieve while I'm here.
So, that been said I WANT to make my life amazing. Be a Journalist specialising in politics, live in New York, write books that inspire, be healthy and look after my lovely family! (Mam, Dad and Adam-Yorkshire slang there- I owe everything to you I love you)
So keep your head high, because your life is a glowing empty page, you can fill up how you like!

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