Friday, 27 May 2011

Burglar freed claiming 'Infringes his children's human rights'!!!

After a late night scan of The Daily Mail website I came across this article:


A man convicted of burglary and dangerous driving has been released from jail after claiming that his imprisonment would infringe his children's human rights. 

Wayne Steven Bishop, who was serving an eight-month sentence won his appeal today to be freed from behind bars.

The 33 year old who is the sole carer of his five children was released on the grounds that his imprisonment would not be in their 'best interest.'

So what do you think?

As sad as it is to see young people without their parents, does this now create a risk of other criminals appealing on the same grounds?

There has been controversy that releasing these people back into society poses a threat to the general public.

Should our country be protecting these people or should they be defending the British public?

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